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CAMA (Luoyang) Electrical Co., Ltd. is a professional production of power system test equipment manufacturers. Power system test equipment including dynamometers host, measurement and control systems, and engine stand supporting systems. Mechanical performance test performance testing to meet all kinds of rotating power machinery, especially suitable for the engine (including diesel and gasoline engines) and hot and cold running-test. Kaimai electromechanical earliest introduction of eddy current dynamometer manufacturing technology manufacturers, is the earliest professional manufacturers to produce eddy current dynamometer. Currently, the eddy current dynamometer advanced load dynamometer equipment in the domestic leading position. The development of high-power disc eddy current dynamometer machine in good condition, was more than 20 items of Scientific and Technological Progress Award and a number of invention patent. The company's corporate standards have become the basis and reference for the industry product standards prepared. The engine bench supporting system can be designed according to the actual situation of the user site and the user's requirements.
Kaimai electromechanical established in 1987 specializing in the production line of the dynamometer, the introduction of German Schenck Balancing Machine, with a DC high-power test stand, a variety of models of engine performance test bench, with a full set of eddy current dynamometer debug testing equipment, the use of military quality assurance system to mass production. CW Series drum eddy current and control systems; CWD series of low-speed drum eddy current dynamometer and control systems, CW series disc eddy current dynamometer and control systems, CJ Series AC electrical dynamometer and control system cleaning equipment; throttle actuator, dynamometer, a secondary instrument accessory products. The variety and type spectrum complete dynamometer, power test range and speed testing range is very wide, and the use of safe and reliable engine performance test. Kaimai electromechanical Users can also design, production and installation of a complete engine test bench. The bench supporting system test bench, large screen display including coolant thermostat system, oil thermostat system, fuel thermostat, thermal shock test bench, the anti-trust system, engine mounts, rocker, hot and cold running-engine bench ideal for test systems. And can be designed according to the actual structure of the user site and the user's requirements, such as: the containerized power test laboratory, vehicle dynamic testing laboratories, etc., completely to the user turnkey engineering.
Kaimai electromechanical its strong technology, engineering ability to take advantage of decades of military and civilian expertise and experience (IS09 001 quality system certification and dynamometer CMC production license, these can not be compared to other manufacturers) sync with modern science and technology development, high-tech testing equipment and sincere service for users.
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